Established in 2001, Unicorn Urban works with councils, government departments, hospitals, developers & architects to create tidy, user friendly, public spaces. Our products can be seen on streets, parks and in schools, universities and museums throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our Facilities

Unicorn Urban operates from a 44000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and Group Headquarters close to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We have been making street furniture for 20 years in our state of the art manufacturing facility.

Using the finest and most durable materials like Zintec Steel, we make almost every element of our products in house ensuring a consistent level of quality for every product. Our range is the lowest risk, highest quality choice for customers.

We make almost every element of our products in house, for example, we have our own high quality polyester powder coating equipment. This is important as it affords us a consistent level of quality for every product making our range the lowest risk, highest quality choice for customers.

Why work with us

At Unicorn Urban, everything we do follows our core values, reliability, expertise and trust.

We appreciate that for any relationship to flourish, there must be complete confidence between those involved. We are committed to providing continuity through sustaining and developing customer relationships, generating the best outcomes.

Importantly, every customer is different, we recognise this and strive to deliver customers with tailored, high quality solutions designed to optimise durability, attractiveness of shared spaces and cost effectiveness.

Employing a large and growing team of specialists in the waste and street furniture sectors, most of our manufacturing takes place in-house, ensuring exceptional quality standards, flexibility of service and local employment and training opportunities.

Quality Standards

Unicorn Urban aims to apply a quality focused approach to everything we do. While maintaining quality is everyone’s duty, we believe in having a team of dedicated quality professionals responsible for leading and developing successful processes, strategies and encouraging application of measures throughout the company.

We don’t just design, manufacture and sell products, we install, maintain and support them too. Our full installation service means you can be sure that your product choices are placed and finished correctly in their environment, while our refurbishment and maintenance programmes can bring you and your team long term confidence in your investment.

We have been on the Public Sector Procurement ESPO 615 framework for over 10 years, and are also on Scotland Excel, making your procurement process much easier. We have a long-standing partnership with the Northern Ireland and Ireland Health Trusts and have been on their select list for medical bins for many years.