Unicorn Urban, has long been devoted to ensuring its operations are aligned with sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Through a series of strategic initiatives, the company has shown an unwavering commitment to reducing its ecological footprint and fostering a greener future.

Steps Taken

Carbon Neutral Certification: Our dedication to carbon neutrality was confirmed with the PAS 2060 certification, affirming its status as a carbon-neutral company and setting a benchmark for others.

Innovative Packaging: We have proactively embraced packaging designs incorporating a minimum of 30% recycled material, effectively lessening the environmental impact associated with its product packaging.

Renewable Energy Integration: The company has successfully shifted to sourcing 100% of its energy from renewable resources, contributing to the sustainable development of energy sources and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Energy-Efficient Lighting: We have invested in energy-efficient LED lighting, ensuring that 95% of its lighting fixtures were optimized for energy conservation, further reducing energy consumption and contributing to a cleaner planet.

Sustainable Supply Chain: Our company has fostered a network of sustainable supply chain partners, ensuring that all partners possess ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications, emphasizing their dedication to eco-friendly practices throughout the supply chain.

Unicorn Urban’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices has yielded remarkable results, positioning the company as an industry leader in environmental stewardship. By integrating sustainable practices throughout its operations, our company has not only reduced its ecological footprint but has also inspired a wave of positive change within its industry. The company’s initiatives have set a new standard for responsible corporate citizenship, fostering a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business landscape globally.
Unicorn Urban, as part of the Unicorn Group hopes to inspire other businesses to prioritize sustainable practices and take proactive steps towards creating a more environmentally conscious future.